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Elme Transportas

About the company

Elme Transportas was established in 2003, after the reorganization of the transport department in the Western Shipyard, which has been engaged in motor transport activities since 1993. Elme Transportas provides international and domestic cargo delivery and forwarding services.


  • Various cargo transportation using tent semi-trailers and open semi-trailers;
  • Transportation of dangerous cargos;
  • Transportation of liquid cargos;
  • Transportation of bulk cargos;
  • Transportation of oversized cargos, license withdrawal, escort services;
  • Forwarding services;
  • Tire installation and balancing services.
  • Works of scaffolding installers and joiners: installation of wooden and detachable modular scaffoldings, temporal coverage, production of details made of plywood templates and other wooden products.

We transport cargos to and from Western European countries such as: Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Kaliningrad area as well as to and from Lithuania and other Baltic countries.


Various metal products, building materials, bulk cargos (grain, peat, seeds), medical and industrial gas (ADR) and various liquid cargos.


Civil liability insurance under CMR and TIR convention requirements guarantees the safety of the carried cargos.

Our fleet contains transportation of various usages:

  • Open platform 13.6 m. and platforms prolonging up to 20 m.;
  • Flatbed trucks;
  • Pressure auto-tanks and auto-tanks for liquid cargos;
  • Haulers 40 cub.;
  • Tent semi-trailers 92 cub.;
  • Self-propelled platforms;
  • Lift trucks up to 6 t.;
  • Cargo minivans (flatbed up to 2t.).

Most of the vehicles have installed GPS equipment.


Elme Transportas
Minijos st. 180, LT-93269 Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tel. + 370 46 48 37 33
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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