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Seventh barge transferred to the Norwegian company OCEA

Western Baltija Shipbuilding has continued to perform shipbuilding work for the Norwegian company, OCEA. At present, the seventh barge has already been completed and set afloat. All the barges are built in accordance with the standards, designs and technical parameters approved by OCEA. The barges are used for feeding fish at fish farms. The seventh barge is 30 meters long and 10 meters wide. On the left side of the barge, two platforms were built for dispensing the feed to the fish. The lowest part of the barge, i.e. from the bottom up to the main deck, houses a machine unit with two diesel generators, four compressors, a transformer and the main panel. The other four premises accommodate all the feed dispensing equipment. It is a very accurate and complex system, consisting of thin-walled pipes made of stainless steel, interconnected by special connectors. The pipes must be very precisely bent at the proper angle to prevent any damage to the travelling feed granules. According to the customer’s wishes, eight main holds for fodder, five additional fish processing tanks, fuel and drinking water tanks were installed. The living quarters, with cabins, working and resting places for the personnel were built on the main deck.

The first deck houses the locker-rooms, showers and working premises, which were equipped with special shelves and clothes drier. The second deck accommodates the living quarters: cabins, bedrooms and a kitchen set with all the necessary equipment. The rest zones have sofas and wall-mounted television sets. The third deck houses the working premises, which have computers and the necessary management system for supervising and controlling the fish feeding process. Additionally, the barge is equipped with its own hydraulic crane and deck washing system, to which water is fed through high-pressure hoses. For protecting the barge sides against impact, tyres are used. Their number is quite impressive - 98.
Another barge, already the eighth, also intended for OCEA, is under construction. The work is in its final phase and the barge is planned to be transferred to OCEA at the end of September. This barge is going to be even larger and more complex, since it will be equipped with more types of different systems. “It has already become a nice tradition – to make one barge every month”, smiled Vitalij Frolov, the Western Baltija Shipbuilding Director.

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