JSC “Vakarų vamzdynų sistemos“

JSC “Vakarų vamzdynų sistemos“

JSC “Vakarų vamzdynų sistemos” is a subsidiary of the Western Shipyard, which is a part of the BLRT Grupp, incorporating 72 companies in both Baltic and Scandinavian countries. We are a professional manufacturer of pipeline and have more than 40 years of experience.
The company‘s main areas of expertise is ship-piping system production and repair, heat exchangers‘ equipment and armature repairs, the production and mechanical procession of components, turning, cutting, plumbing and other fields of work that has to do with ship repair work.

Company’s activities include

  • Production and repair of piping systems and pipe work of high-pressure hydraulic systems;
  • Repair and cleaning of heat exchangers using ultrasonic cleaning technology;
  • Production of heat exchangers;
  • Repair of boilers, chemical and mechanical cleaning;
  • Repair, testing and regulation of different valves;
  • Supplying materials and parts
  • Insulation / cladding
  • Complete packages for piping installation (clamps, fasteners, gaskets and etc.)

Piping system installation

  • Central heating, sanitary supply/discharge, fuel oil transfer/supply/overflow, SW/FW cooling, starting/service air, ballast, bilge, external/internal drain, window washing, air vent. & filling, fire fighting, gas, exhaust, fresh water and other systems.
  • Repair of pipes and systems
  • Repair of valves(gas vacuum, boiler, overboard and sea chest valves) in workshop or on site repair of heat exchangers in workshop or on site
  • Repair of auxiliary and exhaust gas boilers in workshop or on site
  • Repair of air bottle

Production capabilities

  • Productivity: about 120t per month
  • Materials: black steel and stainless steel (DN10-DN1000), copper and bronze, tin (spiro pipe), PE and PP, etc.
  • Bending of pipes and metal profiles: hot and cold, from DN10 up to DN200 with a wall thickness from 2 to 12 mm
  • Bending radius: 2-3 times of pipe's diameter or according model. If induction bending any.
  • Bending angle: 0 – 180 deg.
  • Connections of pipes: flanges, fittings, welding, “Victualic” connections
  • Welding processes: MIG/MAG, TIG
  • Automatic welding equipment (ORBIMATIC)
  • Protective coatings: hot dip galvanizing, sand-blasting and painting (epoxy, alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane, zinc silicate)
  • Galvanization: Maximum length of pipes for hot dip galvanizing – standard up to 5 m., special - up to 13 m
  • Acid pickling(passivating) of pipes: maximum length – up to 5 m
  • Insulation: Any types of heat insulation
  • Rolling of plates: diameters more than 350mm up to 3500mm, wall thickness : 3–15mm

QC and testing

  • Up to 100 qualified employees in the company
  • Complete control of received raw material
  • Traceability of materials during production
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing
  • Full time QC inspector in workshop
  • 100% coordinate control
  • 100% visual welds inspection
  • Pneumatic testing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • MPI, ultrasonic and radiographic testing
  • Hardness Brinell testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing by third independent party


Transportation possibilities for pipe units

  • By car – as for standard trailer truck (length up to 12 m, width ab. 2 m, weight up to 30 tn.)
  • By vessel – no limits



  • Management System Standards: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 RMRS
  • Factory production Control Standards: LVS EN 1090-1:2009 and LVS EN 1090-1:2009/AC:2010



JSC “Vakarų vamzdynų sistemos”
Minijos str. 180, LT- 93269 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Phone: +370 46 483 849
Mobile: +370 647 56 317
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