JSC “Vakarų Metalgama“

JSC “Vakarų Metalgama“

About the company

JSC „Vakarų Metalgama“, a part of the BLRT Concern Grupp, was established in October 2003. The company‘s main focus is cleaning, priming, and cutting steel sheets and profiles. Vakarų Metalgama  operates as one of the network parts of the  wholesale metal trade company „ELME Metall“, which is a part  of the Concern BLRT Grupp. Inter-cooperating, the network operates in Russian, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian markets.
Vakarų Metalgama operates a metal-processing complex consisting of:

  • line UBR 25 x 3150 for flattening metal sheets;
  • line DISA for cleaning and priming metal sheets and profiles;
  • thermal cutting machines;
  • storehouses for metal.

The line for cleaning and priming metal ensures the high-quality cleaning of metal surfaces according to the Swedish standard SA 2.5. The cleaned surface is then covered with a 15-20 µm thick sync silicate prime. The company’s cleaning and priming capacity of metal sheets and profiles is 150 000 tons per year. Possessing a good geographical position, the company can accept and deliver cargos both by wagon and ship. At the moment, 96 certified employees are employed in the company.
The metal processing complex of Vakarų Metalgama, in which 7.5 mln Euro was invested, is the biggest one in the Baltic States.

Fields of activity of Vakaru Metalgama:

  • Processing of metal sheets during their storage and delivery through Klaipeda port;
  • Storage of metal;
  • Loading/unloading from wagons and motor transport;
  • Complete services of preparation of metal sheets and profiles – blasting, priming, and marking;
    • size – 3300 mm x18000 mm;
    • max. weight of one sheet – 16 t;
    • min. thickness of a sheet – 5 mm x 400 mm
  • Cutting of metal sheets by modern plasma and gas cutting machines;
    • max. length of sheet – 17000 mm;
    • max. height of sheet – 300 mm.
  • Abrasive cleaning of metal surface;
    • Surface cleanness according to ISO 850-1 – Sa 2 ½;
    • Surface roughness according No.3 BN10 or ISO Comparator medium G (Rz = 60 -100 microns);
    • Thickness of priming 15 ±5 microns.

The range of the products processed:

  • steel sheets;
  • industrial chamfer;
  • steel bars;
  • quadrate and rectangular pipes;
  • circular pipes;
  • chamfers;
  • beams;
  • bars of Ø 15 mm and more;
  • angle bars 40x40 and more.

JSC „Vakarų Metalgama“
Minijos str. 180, LT-93269 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Tel. + 370 46 469 899
Fax + 370 46 483 746
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