JSC “Vakarų Centrinė Laboratorija”

JSC “Vakarų Centrinė Laboratorija”

About the company

JSC Vakarų Centrinė Laboratorija renders all inspection, quality control, analyzation, and testing services in all industry areas. Our experience allows us to carry out all orders efficiently and with high quality. Technical documentation and standards are constantly renewed, enabling us to work in accordance with the strictest demands of the European Union.

JSC Vakarų Centrinė Laboratorija has:


Services rendered by JSC Vakarų Centrinė Laboratorija include:
Non-destructive control:


  • Radiographic flaw inspection;
  • Ultrasound flaw inspection;
  • Magnetic flaw inspection;
  • Capillary flaw inspection;
  • Visual flaw inspection;
  • Testing based on burble emission method;
  • Paint thickness determination.


Mechanical tests:


  • Material testing (bending, stretching, impact velocity);
  • Hardness measurement (Briunell, Rockwell, Vickers methods);
  • Microstructure and macrostructure inspection;
  • Springs testing;
  • Damper testing;
  • Welded samples testing.


Chemical laboratory:


  • Chemical analysis of metals;
  • Oil products analysis;
  • Air and water analysis.


Metrology laboratory:

  • Repair of measuring devices.

Other services:


  • Scientific research and applied activity in the study of nature and engineering;
  • Environment control, ecological monitoring;
  • Product certifying, control of their normative documents requirements.


JSC Vakarų Centrinė Laboratorija
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