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New Company Joins Western Shipyard Group of Companies

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

VTS logo EN smallAt the end of last year, Western Shipyard group of companies founded a new company, Western Technological Solutions, which will carry out projects for the production of stainless steel and aluminium constructions. 'Having analysed the situation in the gradually recovering oil and gas extraction industry, as well as the LNG and renewable energy sectors, we envisaged the prospect of offering our services to this specific market. The new company will develop the production of stainless steel and aluminium constructions, create new jobs and added value not only for the Western Shipyard Group but also for the Klaipėda seaport', Mr Arnoldas Šileika, General Manager of Western Shipyard group of companies, commented on the position and future plans of the company.


Western Baltija Shipbuilding builds partially equipped hulls of patrol vessels for the German market

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Kylio padejimo ceremonija smallWestern Baltija Shipbuilding (WBS) has signed a contract with the German company Fassmer GmbH for the building of hulls of two coast guard patrol vessels and their partial outfitting, and continues the works and construction of the hull of the second vessel is underway. The start of the construction works of the latter vessel was marked with the so-called Keel laying ceremony, which was attended by representatives from both Fassmer and the end-client of the project, the heads of the German Federal Police.
The future coast guard patrol vessels will be used to e.g. patrol the coastal waters of Germany. According to the plan, the vessels will have special services helicopter landing pads, as well as two points for rapid response unit boats installed. The vessels of this type will replace the current coastal patrol vessels that have previously been in operation.

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Western Shipyard acquired Norwegian company Marine Technology

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

MT įsigijimas small

Western Shipyard, a member of BLRT Grupp, has signed an agreement to acquire a 100% of shares in the Norwegian company for the development and management of engineering projects - Marine Technology AS. "The acquisition of the company with its own technical developments and solutions for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors will significantly strengthen our positions in these industries, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the entire BLRT Grupp," said Western Shipyard General Director Arnoldas Šileika.

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UAB "Vakarų Metalgama" dalyvauja projekte "LIFE FitForREACH"

Friday, 25 November 2016

UAB „Vakarų Metalgama" dalyvauja projekte „LIFE FitForREACH" – ieškoma alternatyvų pavojingoms cheminėms medžiagoms

Projektas: „Pavojingų cheminių medžiagų pakeitimo įgyvendinimas Lietuvos, Latvijos ir Estijos mažose/vidutinėse ir pramonės įmonėse" (LIFE FitForREACH). Projekto įgyvendinimo trukmė: 2015/10–2020/03

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Western Shiprepair to take on new work

Monday, 26 October 2015

scrubber OK

The company has entered into an agreement for the work of modernizing five ships, which is to be performed in cooperation with the Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group. Each of the ships is going to be equipped with exhaust gas cleaning scrubbers, the purpose of which is to reduce the emission of sulphuric compounds into the environment, since more and more attention is being paid to protecting nature and reducing pollution in all areas of human activities, including shipping.
This type of project is new to Western Shiprepair as no ships in Lithuanian Shipyards have so far been equipping with exhaust gas cleaning scrubbers. The process will involve several Western Shipyard Group companies. Western Baltija Shipbuilding is constructing an additional funnel for placing the exhaust gas scrubbers. Vakarų Vamzdynų Sistemos is laying the gas pipelines and will fully assemble the equipment and place it in the funnel. BLRT Era Klaipėda branch office will take care of installing the relevant electrical systems.

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Seventh barge transferred to the Norwegian company OCEA

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Barza Ocea septintaWestern Baltija Shipbuilding has continued to perform shipbuilding work for the Norwegian company, OCEA. At present, the seventh barge has already been completed and set afloat. All the barges are built in accordance with the standards, designs and technical parameters approved by OCEA. The barges are used for feeding fish at fish farms. The seventh barge is 30 meters long and 10 meters wide. On the left side of the barge, two platforms were built for dispensing the feed to the fish. The lowest part of the barge, i.e. from the bottom up to the main deck, houses a machine unit with two diesel generators, four compressors, a transformer and the main panel. The other four premises accommodate all the feed dispensing equipment. It is a very accurate and complex system, consisting of thin-walled pipes made of stainless steel, interconnected by special connectors. The pipes must be very precisely bent at the proper angle to prevent any damage to the travelling feed granules. According to the customer’s wishes, eight main holds for fodder, five additional fish processing tanks, fuel and drinking water tanks were installed. The living quarters, with cabins, working and resting places for the personnel were built on the main deck.

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