The Concern BLRT Grupp AS applies the developed general machinery manufacturing process, repairs and modernizes all types of marine vessels, builds new ships, acknowledges the production order of heavy, bulk metal structures for marine industry and wind energeticsfor fully-equipped fishery farm complexes, while also producing and providing technical and medical gas to customers on the basis of the requirements of legal acts and other document requirements and rendering production services.


Creating conditions to ensure the continuous increase in the quality of corporate management addressed towards the maintainance of our product and service competitiveness level. On the basis of international standards ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 principles, the BLRT Grupp AS executives establishes the same integrated policy for all group companies.

Our Policy:
- Strengthening of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, investors and the public trust in concern, awareness and understanding of their needs and expectations, systematic assessment and improvement of their satisfaction level;
- Management of own business, resources and risks associated with the performance of contractual obligations, employee safety and environmental aspects as a unified system of interrelated processes;
- Stipulation of personal responsibility for the implementation of the objectives of the processes, for the permanent non-productive expenditure and environmental pollution reduction, for safe working conditions and human health risk prevention;
- Development of an environment where each employee would be interested in: improving the quality of their work, increase in work culture, execution of legislation and concern for established procedure requirements;
- Regular analysis, evaluation of the existing and the planned Quality, Environmental protection, Occupational Safety and Health Management System relevance to current and planned activity, constant improvement of it‘s efficiency;
- Summing-up of the decisions on the basis of the reliable data, received monitoring and specific production characteristics, processes, measurement-based industrial environment, logical analysis;
- Development of relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, as well as group companies, based on mutual beneficial cooperation through the integrated Quality, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Management System requirements and the priority of the concerned strategic goals.

F. Berman
BLRT GRUPP AS Board chairman

A. Šileika
WESTERN SHIPYARD General director