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Thursday, 04 June 2020

Western Baltija Shipbuilding to contribute to the building of Expedition Cruise Ship Hulls

Western Baltija Shipbuilding (WBS) is to contribute to the building of two expedition cruise ship hulls. The Company has agreed to produce all the grand blocks for the hulls of the two ships in a short period of time. The order was placed by the Finnish Company, Helsinki Shipyard, with which our yard has already had cooperation and several projects have been successfully implemented.

WBS professionals will produce 23 grand blocks for each 113-metre long and 20.2-metre wide ship. The ceremony to mark the beginning of the works has already taken place and the first component parts for one of the ships have been cut. According to the plans, a total of 3,500 tons of metal are planned to be used for the production of the 23 grand blocks. The completed and painted constructions will be shipped to the customer in Finland in four stages. The first grand blocks will be dispatched from Klaipėda in July, and the last ones in November. All the ship hull assembly works, equipment installation, interior installation, and finishing works will be carried out in Finland. The production of the grand blocks for the second ship will commence in August and be completed in April next year. These blocks will also be shipped to the customer in four stages.

According to Edvinas Petreikis, WBS Project Manager, this large-scale project is significant for the entire Western Shipyard Group of Companies. Its implementation requires special preparation, specific engineering, and technical knowledge.

Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch, Chief Executive Officer of Helsinki Shipyard (our customer) that specialises in the field of marine technology and shipbuilding, has extensive experience in the designing and building of passenger and cruise ships and is known for the construction of icebreakers and other special vessels capable of operating in harsh conditions, stressed that these projects are of particular importance to the Company and drew attention to their complexity. “We are nothing but happy about the successful start of shipbuilding works, that everything is going according to plan and without falling behind deadlines,” said C. G. Rotkirch.

Jonas Packalen, Project Manager of Helsinki Shipyard, emphasised the importance of working with WBS, “This Company is an important, valuable, and reliable partner with whom we have successfully cooperated during the implementation of many projects.” 

It is planned that the first expedition cruise ship will be completed in 2021, and the second in 2022. These vessels are designed for navigation in both the Arctic and Antarctic seas in summer and winter and will also be able to travel in tropical waters during the spring and autumn seasons. Each ship can accommodate up to 157 people.

These are not the first expedition cruise ships, to which WBS has made a contribution. At the beginning of the last year, the professionals of the Company completed the construction of a superstructure for the same type of ship, which was ordered by the Norwegian Company, Ulstein Verft AS.

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