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"Western Baltic Engineering" participates in the project "ECOPRODIGI"

We are pleased to announce that Western Baltic Engineering, a subsidiary of Western Shipyard in association with KSTP, is taking part in ECOPRODIGI, a European Union Baltic Interreg project, as a co-financing partner. The expected duration of the project is October 2017 to October 2020, its total budget EUR 4,243,492.11.

To carry out the tasks outlined in the project, WBE will procure a state-of-the-art 3D scanner with the required hardware and software. Most (85%) of WBE’s expenses will be reimbursed within the framework of the ECOPRODIGI project.

ECOPRODIGI is an ambitious project by a consortium of industries geared towards enhancing eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea region maritime sector through digitalisation. The project notes that environmental impacts are heavily affected by the use of vessels and the various processes involved in vessel operations that occur throughout the lifecycle of the vessel. In terms of eco-efficiency, the entire chain of design and building to the use, maintenance, stowage as well as conversion processes should be reasonably simplified. Measurement, visualisation, and optimisation of maritime industry processes at shipyards, ports, and during vessel operation should facilitate more efficient and active control of data, with decisions made to reduce all types of pollutants, waste, and energy consumption.

‘ECOPRODIGI is a unique project as it involves key actors from eight different areas such as academic institutions, shipyards, engineering companies, and end-users from eight different states. There are also small and medium-sized companies that can be rarely seen taking part in this type of EU projects,’ said Ms Eini Haaja, project manager with the Pan-American Institute at the University of Turku.

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