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Western Shiprepair to take on new work

The company has entered into an agreement for the work of modernizing five ships, which is to be performed in cooperation with the Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group. Each of the ships is going to be equipped with exhaust gas cleaning scrubbers, the purpose of which is to reduce the emission of sulphuric compounds into the environment, since more and more attention is being paid to protecting nature and reducing pollution in all areas of human activities, including shipping. 
This type of project is new to Western Shiprepair as no ships in Lithuanian Shipyards have so far been equipping with exhaust gas cleaning scrubbers. The process will involve several Western Shipyard Group companies. Western Baltija Shipbuilding is constructing an additional funnel for placing the exhaust gas scrubbers. Vakarų Vamzdynų Sistemos is laying the gas pipelines and will fully assemble the equipment and place it in the funnel. BLRT Era Klaipėda branch office will take care of installing the relevant electrical systems.

Baltic Premator Klaipėda will sandblast and paint the funnel. Western Stevedoring will transport the funnel from the Western Baltija Shipbuilding site to the Klaipėda Container Terminal, where the funnel will be hoisted by heavy lifting crane onto the ship, temporarily welded and shifted to Dock No. 219 on the territory of the Western Shipyard for completion of the installation of the exhaust gas scrubbers. Western Shiprepair is supervising the entire project. The modernization work will be carried out on five ships – two are Polish type and three are Japanese type. These are 165 metres and 185 metres long respectively. The first ship has been modified already. The estimated duration of the work per ship is 18 days. After 18 days, all retrofitted ships will leave the shipyard with working and certified exhaust gas cleaning units. This is particularly noteworthy since most yards cannot do that and most ships have sometimes months of work whilst sailing to complete the installation. This timescale includes both the installation of the exhaust gas scrubbers and a special survey, which must be carried out by class requirements every five years. At the docking period, the ship hold surface sandblasting and painting works will be performed by cooperation of customer subcontractors and Baltic Premator Klaipėda using special vacuum sandblasting equipment. This will ensure that no dust or hazardous substances escape and damage the environment.
It is a new and difficult, but at the same time very interesting project. The deadlines are quite tight, but if the project is successfully completed, the company can expect to do more of the same work in the future.

Additional information:

The customer, the Dutch company Spliethoff, has about 90 ships, from which nine different kinds of ships were entrusted to Western Shiprepair for carrying out repair work in 2015: five Series A ships, two Series E ships, one Series S ship and one Series F ship. The five ships to be modernized as part of the project, i.e. for installing the exhaust gas scrubbers, belong to Series S, or the so-called “big ship” group. Western Ship Repair is learning and focusing to continue cooperation with Spliethoff company in future and growing own knowledge of different series vessels as well as technical superintendent’s needs.
Western Shiprepair is one of three ship repair companies in the BLRT Grupp. This group of ship repair companies, together with the Tallinn Shipyard and Turku Repair Yard, has become the leader in ship repair and modernization in the Baltic Sea region. 
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